Cause of the popularity of custom mini choppers and other customized motorcycles we have put together a few links to custom mini choppers sources along with some great stores for motorcycle gear and accessories.

The varity of names for mini choppers including scooters or mini motorcycles. It's a hybrid of a standard chopper and a mini bike, like the bikes that Yamaha introduced in the 1970's, who have become the "custom mini choppers". It's the fact that noone else will have a mini chopper exatly like your own that have made it so popular.

We hope you find these links helpful.
Choppers Cycle, the online source for custom mini choppers, offers Aftermarket Harley Davidson Parts and Accessories and everything else to customize your chopper.


RideGear Motorcycles

RideGear is one of the largest, oldest, and most respected online sellers of parts, accessories and apparel for motorcycles, street bikes, Harley-Davidson, cruisers and dirt bikes.


Motorcycle Parts, Accessories and Apparel

Motorcycle Superstore

The Motorcycle Superstore offers secure online shopping of top name motorcycle accessories and apparel.

Hot Product 125x125 delivers Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha motorcycle parts, accessories and ATV parts to your door. - Motorcycle Classifieds

Honda, Yamaha, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki and more - buy or sell a used motorcycle or parts.


Free Classifieds - Custom Mini Choppers

Bid on a used mini choppers or find out how to sell your chopper.


Click here for eBay Motors!

JC Whitney Everything Motorcycle
JC Whitney Everything Motorcycle has the largest online selection of parts and accessories for motorcyclec including ATV, off road vehicle, motorcycle, Harley and Cruisers.



Custom Choppers Guide
If you dream about owning a customized chopper or you want to build a mini chopper then this site is for you. Here you can find tips and reviews of chopper motorcycles, gear, articles and more. Describes the basics but also the advanced suggestions for customizing a chopper motorcycle.